Šibenik, the oldest native Croatian city close to the Krka river estuary is unlike many other famous cities in Croatia, the only that was founded by Croats. Šibenik counts a total of 24 churches, 4 fortresses, 4 wells and 2851 stone steps in the old city centre.

Main sights include the famous St. James Cathedral boasting 71 sculpted faces on the façade and built without using any binding materials (listed in UNESCO world heritage list).  The splendid old two-story Šibenik Town Hall, St Barbara church, the church of St. Francis and the 4 wells are all part of Krešimir's city- nicknamed after the Croatian King whose throne was placed right in this town.

The city is surrounded by four fortresses named St. Nicholas , St. Michael's, St. John and Barone, each of whom provides spectacular view on the city, sea and nearby islands.

After enjoying all secrets of Sibenik, it’s time to enjoy traditional Dalmatian gastronomy, by driving to a secluded agritourism restaurant in Kalpic for a traditional lunch.

From there, the tour continues towards Krka national park and its famous 7 waterfalls with a total fall of 242 meters. You will be simply astonished by the beauty of the National park Krka and its waterfalls, well known throughout the world. You will enjoy a walk on wooden planks and paths through a large number of different habitat types enjoying the diverse and picturesque plant life and very rich, unique, rare and threatened fauna.

Weather permitting it is also possible to take a dip at the bottom of the waterfalls before leaving the National Park.

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